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Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss

Lustrous and Luxuriant hair not only enhances the beauty of a person, especially woman, but also it indicates the condition of your overall health. A beautiful face is rendered more beautiful by a healthy and shining hair. Throughout our life we worry about our hair, take great pains to maintain it but, unknowingly, we abuse it also.

The dictionary meaning of the word ‘hair’ is – it is a thread like keratinised outgrowth of epidermis of the skin. It develops inside a tubular hair follicle, a sheath of epidermal cells and connective tissue that surrounds the root of hair. There are three layers above the skin: the outer cuticle; a cortex containing the pigment that gives hair its colour and a central core (medulla) which may be hollow. The root of the hair, beneath the surface of the skin, is expanded at its base to form the bulb.

Ayurveda says that if your hair is thin, dry and frizzy and prone to split ends, you have ‘Vata’ hair. If you have fine hair prone to premature thinning or graying, you are pitta prominent. If you are the “kapha” type, your hair tends to be thick and oily.

Common Hair problems

>> Falling of hair in tufts

>> Falling of eyebrows and moustaches

>> Falling of hair from the entire body

>> Falling of hair due to use of soaps and chemicals

>> Falling of hair due to itching of scalp


Hair’s worst enemy – DANDRUFF

Dandruff is a condition of the skin wherein shiny, silvery flake like scales fall out of the scalp and/or collect amidst the hair.It is caused by a type of fat eating yeast like fungus called ‘Malassezia’ which lives dormant on the scalps of most people, without causing a problem.

You are looking for an Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Problems

Ayurvedic Treatment offered by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ayurvedic Dispensary is the most comprehensive one, that not only alleviates the sufferings but also checks repeated occurence. The Ayurvedic and Herbal Preparations used in the treatment are in the form of Tablets, Capsules and Oils, which are manufactured using 100% Pure Herbs and Herbal extracts only.

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